Based on the latest HCB (Hybrid Compact Board) hardware architecture, N5100 is a highly reliable 2 readers control panel targeting at entry level physical access control needs. It features a 32bits Freescale ColdFire microcontroller running at 60MHz, this control panel can fulfill most demand requirement in physical access control environment.

Network Connectivity
Onboard ethernet port provides hassle free self-negotiating speed detection capability for 10/100mbps. When connected to a network, control panel will automatically detect the best speed achievable in the network without user intervention.

Active Transmit
Rather than keeping the events in memory awaiting the host server to poll, N-MiNi actively transmit the current event as it happens, meaning event get delivered instantly and can be act upon faster.

Active Search
Newly improved card searching algorithm, now card authentication only take a fraction of second even when the memory is full.

Active Push
No more waiting! Abandoned the conventional card sending process which takes forever. Active Push reporuce the exact card data structure before sending to the controller. This dramatically reduced the time required for sending large quantity of card to controller.

Key Features:

  • Support single door mode
  • Support two doors mode with In-reader only
  • Compatible with various reader technologies
  • Peer to peer global antipassback
  • 4 configurable inputs (digital/supervised)
  • Quick terminal plug-in connectors
  • Reader output control
Onboard & cross-board door interlocking


MCU 32bits @ 60MHz
Memory 256K Flash Memory
32K SRAM (Buffer)
32Mbits Non-volatile SPI Flash Memory (Storage)
Card Holder Database 3,000
Transaction Database 10,000
Digital/Supervise Input 4 - User configurable
Output 2 Dry contact relays
Network Communication Port 1x RJ-45 self-negotiate 10/100mbps
Surge Protection TVS - Up to 15KVA
Onboard LED control Power / Communication / LAN / Event / Error
AC Fail Monitoring Yes (with Entrypass power supply only)
Battery Monitoring Yes (firmware threshold control to shutdown control panel)
External short circuit protection All readers inputs
Backup battery Yes, apply RTC only

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