Entrypass Hybrid Input Output Control Panel (EP.HIO) consists of 8 digital inputs and 8 relay outputs with both Normally Open (N/O) and Normally Closed (N/C) contacts
As standard, it uses Modbus Protocol to communication with Entrypass Platform1 ACS (both Modbus Serial and TCP). Other system which uses Modbus protocol can easily integrate this device into their system.

Key Features:

  • Single input, multiple output triggering
  • Multiple input, single output triggering
  • Support AND/OR control logics
  • Timezone control on individual input
  • Support both open trigger or closed trigger
  • Support add-on module to increase number of inputs/outputs (max. 16 inputs/outputs)
  • Software simulation in Entrypass Platform1 ACS
MCU 32bits @ 60MHz
Memory 256K Flash Memory
32K SRAM (Buffer)
32Mbits Non-volatile SPI Flash Memory (Storage)
Digital Input 8 - Expendable to with with EP.HIO.EXP
Digital Output 8 - Expendable to with with EP.HIO.EXP
Serial Communication Port 1x RS232/RS485 (User configurable)
Network Communication Port 1x RJ-45 self-negotiate 10/100mbps
Power Protection Resettable Fuse - 2.5A
Surge Protection TVS - Up to 15KVA
Onboard LED Control Power / Communication / LAN / Event
Trigger Mode Open Trigger
Closed Trigger
Function Mode Toggle Mode
Alarm Mode
Timezone Control Yes

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